COVID-19: Civic Legal Client Update – 12 July 2021

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of insurance law.

Civic Legal features a strong, specialised and experienced insurance team. Our industry knowledge and exposure to a wide range of insurance matters ensures clients receive practical, valuable and useful advice.

We’re proud to offer a full range of legal services that protect the interests of insurers and insured clients. You can trust our expertise: major insurers entrust their legal work with us.

We provide prompt and accessible legal advice and representation on a wide range of litigious or potentially litigious circumstances.


“RAC Insurance continues to reap the benefits and rewards of working with the Civic Legal team on a broad range of matters requiring legal representation.

Our best interests are always at the forefront of Civic Legal’s operations which support our specified instructions by providing quality advice and achieving commercially viable solutions.  Approachable, friendly and always willing to answer our queries, I would always recommend Civic Legal for any matter requiring legal expertise.”

Janine Rosten, Legal Specialist – Home Solutions, RAC Insurance Pty Ltd.


Services include:


Claims and Defence advice

Commercial Risk Management:

Construction Dispute Claims and Resolution

Contractual Indemnity and Insurance Clause advice

Defence against the Prosecution of Regulatory Offences

General Liability

Litigation for Insured Damages Claims

Professional Risk

Workplace Claims and Representation

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