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Enforcing legislation to your benefit.

The Arena

Statutory authorities such as local governments have powers and duties which make them obliged to police certain legislation. Such powers need to be exercised sparingly and in a way that is appropriate.

This is particularly the case when the exercise of power needs to be escalated from policing to notification to prosecution in the courts.

Why Civic Legal?

At Civic Legal, we recognise that prosecution is considered to be the last resort in ensuring legislative compliance.

When prosecution becomes necessary or desirable, we know that care needs to be taken to ensure correct administrative action, appropriate collection of evidence and accuracy in the drafting of statutory notices prior to the commencement of legal action.

We are also aware that enforcement action can generate strong opposition, adverse reactions or media coverage. Our lawyers are familiar with such issues and know that attention needs to be paid to them, even though they might not ultimately affect the legal issues in the enforcement action.

Our lawyers’ experience includes enforcement action related to:

  • Building Act 2011
  • Dog Act 1976
  • Health Act 1911
  • Local Government Act 1995
  • Planning and Development Act 2005
  • Local laws and local planning schemes


“I have been particularly impressed by Civic Legal’s response times (even outside normal work hours), the ease of access to senior staff, the quality of research and the strong representations made on the Shire’s behalf during both formal and informal negotiation processes.”


WA Local Government

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