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Finding the best pathway to resolve disputes.

The Arena

In the ideal world, there would be no disputes. However, the reality is that there will be occasions when your interests conflict with the interests of another party.

When a dispute needs to be resolved, it can be done as informally as having the conversation with the other party. On the other hand, it can be as formal as proceedings in one of the courts.

When they face a dispute, our clients often feel that the problem is intractable and it is not possible to resolve that dispute without the intervention of a third party or the legal system.

They are not always familiar with the different pathways available to them in resolving disputes that may arise.

Why Civic Legal?

Our team has a breadth and depth of experience that can help a client navigate their way to a resolution. Civic Legal lawyers are passionate about finding the most strategic and cost-effective way of dealing with our clients’ legal disputes.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in all types of litigation including complex and high-value matters.  This includes matters that were taken to the High Court of Australia, and which set precedents in Australian personal injuries law.

Our lawyers are engaged daily in assisting clients navigate their way through the legal system, applying the most suitable strategy for the particular occasion. Our team has the capability to provide advice and representation to resolve most types of legal disputes. Where the matter becomes highly complex or contentious, then we carefully select and brief counsel from the independent Bar with the most suitable expertise for the particular case.

Our team is not only experienced in formal litigation work. We are also regularly engaged in mediation and arbitration processes, which demand alternative dispute resolution skills and experience. These skills are brought to bear in assisting our clients to resolve disputes that require resolution using such skills.


“Walcon Marine Australasia engaged Civic Legal to represent it recently with regard to a matter in the Fair Work Commission. We found the firm to be very friendly and approachable to deal with. When it came to the actual FWC process, Civic Legal worked responsively and seamlessly with us to get our legal position clearly presented. We were pleased with the outcome and that speaks well of Civic Legal. We liked the way Civic Legal showed commitment and professionalism throughout the matter and we would have no hesitation in recommending Civic Legal to other businesses.”

Brad Hunting

General Manager, Walcon Marine Australasia Pty Ltd

We can advise and act in the following:



  • Claims which are dealt with in processes which require confidentiality or industry expertise


  • Negotiating settlements with the assistance of a conciliator

 Class action litigation

  • Large scale litigation, such as multi-party bushfire claims which cover property damage, economic loss and physical injuries.

Commercial litigation

  • Actions against fiduciaries
  • Commercial leasing and real property sale disputes
  • Competition and consumer law litigation
  • Copyright disputes
  • Employee fraud
  • Partnership litigation
  • Patent litigation
  • Restraints of trade

Construction litigation

  • Managing payment disputes under the Construction Contracts Act
  • Resolution of complex matters in the courts

 Corporate litigation

  • Insolvency-related litigation
  • Unfair prejudice claims
  • Shareholder-initiated litigation

 Insurance litigation

  • Claims relating to building and construction, professional indemnity, loss, personal injury and workplace injury

 Probate litigation

  • Disputes over wills and estates

State Administrative Tribunal

  • Managing disputes which involve challenge to administrative decisions of certain bodies


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