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Supporting your local government.

We offer a range of innovative governance services specifically designed for local governments.

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Regulation 17 


Civic Legal has been conducting Systems and Procedure Reviews for regional and metropolitan local governments since 2016.

We are able to conduct the reviews both on-site and via video-link.

Our reviews help CEOs to comply with regulation 17 of the Local Government (Audit) Regulations 1996 (WA).

The Civic Legal approach was very personalised and our officers were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the process … many of the officers they interviewed recognised gaps in our systems and procedures and started addressing them even before Civic Legal delivered its report to us formally… The City found the Civic Legal report clear and concise.” Charlie Clarke, Manager Governance, City of Fremantle

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Project Aware


Civic Legal has been running its unique governance support service, Project Aware, since 2018.

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Policy Reviews and Drafting


Civic Legal is experienced in reviewing and drafting a range of local government policies. Our aim is to understand the individual needs of the local government and ensure this is translated into a practical and effective policy.

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Gifts Disclosure Guides


Civic Legal has created two unique Gifts Disclosure Guides, with flowcharts to help local governments to navigate the new gifts regime.

We are providing them as a free resource for you to distribute to the staff and council members in your organisation.

Click here for the Gifts Disclosure Guide for council members.

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CEO Performance Reviews


Our governance team has assisted in the area of CEO performance reviews.

The final report we provide gives a clear recommendation to council with supporting information.

The review needs to be conducted in accordance with the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 (WA), as well as the local government’s CEO Performance Recruitment, Performance and Termination Policy.

Our review includes:

  • assessing contractual performance criteria and additional performance criteria
  • guiding councillors on making assessments based on documented evidence and outcomes
  • assessment surveys based on the local government’s performance criteria
  • facilitating discussions with councillors and the CEO.

Our aim is to establish performance criteria that are in alignment with the local government’s Corporate Business Plan.


Seminars designed for local governments


Since 2016, Civic Legal has been delivering seminars and workshops to the local government sector on a broad range of topics.

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