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Greg Smith is an international award-winning author who has spent more than two decades specialising in Employment, Industrial Relations and Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) law. Greg works as a consultant for Civic Legal when matters involving his field of expertise arise.

Greg provides WHS, Employment and Industrial Relations advice to a range of industries and organisations, including mining, oil and gas, rail, manufacturing, health and local governments. He works with managers to properly understand their obligations and how to meet them.

Through his highly-regarded training program, Greg gives managers the confidence to proactively manage their risks and prevent incidents occurring. Where an incident has already occurred, he gives managers practical guidance on how to best manage the situation.

Greg has worked as a partner and legal practitioner in some of Australia’s leading law firms. In addition to his legal experience, Greg has worked as the Principal Safety Advisor for Woodside Energy Limited. In that role, he reported to the Vice President Safety and Health, and was responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of Woodside’s global safety management strategy. Key strategic responsibilities included contractor safety management, incident investigation, the introduction of an organisational behavioural framework to drive cultural change, training and competencies, and developing corporate level standards and procedures.

“Too often, safety and employment law focusses on the grey areas, the risks and nuances. This is interesting but clients are looking for a solution. After 25 years’ experience, I’m prepared to put myself on the line with a client and say ‘this is what we should do.’”


Workplace health & safety:

• Developing and implementing an occupational safety and health management system

• Acting for individuals and organisations in occupational safety and health prosecutions

• Conducting incident investigations into occupational safety and matters

• Developing and preparing health and safety training programs including:

- Employee obligations
- Incident investigations
- Supervisor obligations
- Management obligations and due diligence

• Contractor safety management

- Developing and implementing contractor safety management programs
- Conducting legal gap analysis and risk assessment of safety management systems

Greg also sits on several OSH committees, often as a representative of the board to provide high-level oversight of safety management.

Employment and industrial relations:

• Advising and acting in unfair dismissal proceedings, including for mining, mining services, local governments and manufacturing companies

• Advising and acting in General Protections claims and underpayment of wages claims

• Conducting incident investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment

University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Jurisprudence (1989)

Bachelor of Laws (1990)


Supreme Court of Western Australia (1992)

High Court of Australia (1992)

Practice Areas

Local Government

Corporate & Commercial

Dispute Resolution

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