Camp Kulin Civic Legal Teen Leadership Camp 2018

28 Nov 2018

This year, Civic Legal has continued to work in partnership with Camp Kulin as a major sponsor of the Camp Kulin Civic Legal Teen Leadership Camp.

In October I travelled to Kulin to visit the 2018 Civic Legal Teen Leadership Camp. I had the opportunity to meet the campers and join in various activities including a game of quiddich.

Camp Kulin provides kids with a safe and supportive environment to develop important life skills including teamwork, trust and relationship building. The organisation has received national and international recognition for their innovative program.

The Camp works with young people aged 13-15, many of whom have been affected by childhood trauma. With a strong focus given to self-confidence, ambition and self-esteem, the camp is designed

to develop leadership skills and prepare them to become camp councillors once they turn 16.

The campers explained how being involved in Camp Kulin has positively impacted their lives by encouraging them to believe in themselves and never give up.

“Camp Kulin has helped me be myself and made me be who I am today. I’ve been through a lot and this is the only time I can forget the past and start a new future”


- Camp Kulin Camper

One camper described how they had been “challenged to try my hardest, to learn and reach new goals”. For some campers, Camp Kulin provided them with a fresh start and the skills to move forward with confidence.

Many kids left the camp with the goal of becoming a Camp Councillor in the near future and helping other kids make positive changes in their lives.

Find out more about Camp Kulin here.

Contact: Melanie Fraser

Melanie is a member of Civic Legal’s governance support team and is the project coordinator for Project Aware.

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