Pre-nuptial Agreements (Binding Financial Agreements - BFA) - Instruction Form

Before, During and After Marriage

For Manual on Pre-nuptial agreements see here

Civic Legal is a private law firm. We only take instructions via your Adviser, Accountant or Lawyer. You need to have your adviser contact us. We will then contact you to arrange a meeting with you.

Lawyers are warned not to give Financial Planning advance. Lawyers are best only to do BFAs with a Financial Adviser by their side.

During your initial consultation, we ask you a number of questions about you, your family and your personal circumstances. If you would like to keep the length of the appointment to a minimum, please feel free to complete all or part of this questionnaire and bring it to the meeting. The instruction form is also available in Adobe Acrobat Format or zipped up in Microsoft Word 6.0

A.            Personal Details

Marital Status (Please tick one)

Married on   /      /    


Single – to be married on   /    / 2001


Defacto relationship since /  /


Divorced on    /   / 





Your Partner



(Family Name)











First name











Any Second name(s)











Date of Birth



















Postal Address

Same as home address; or






Home Phone #






Home Fax #






Mobile Phone #:






Work Phone #:








Work Fax #:








Any assets in Alias Names or not in the above name(s)? (eg maiden name)








B.        Your Assets

The big problem is Taxes like Capital Gains Tax and stamp duty. I would like to get an idea of your assets so that when I prepare your documents I tailor make them to suit your needs.

1.         Your Family Home

Date of Purchase

        /      /   19___ or 20 ___   





Purchase Price


Estimated Current Market Value



How much is owing?

Mortgage Amount $




Have you ever run a business from home?






Have you ever claimed a deduction on running a business from your home?






Have you ever done renovations or capital improvements on the home?






2.         Do you own your own business?

Trading Name:






How much did you buy the business for?






Assets (including goodwill)






Saleable Value:



What assets would you like the agreement to cover?


What assets would you like the agreement not to cover?


3          Family Trusts

Do you have a Family Trust or a Company?


  No     (Tick one)

Who is the appointer of the trust?

Who is the trustee of the trust?

4.         Do you own any other real estate?







Suburb or street








Date purchased


Value at purchase date






Value today


Current mortgage


5.         Do you have Life Insurance (not in your Superannuation)?

Nominated beneficiary?

Amount of Policy













6.            Superannuation

Nominated beneficiary?




Your Name


Your current nominated beneficiary


Amount of Proceeds



































7.         Do you own any shares?

Fund Name or Name of Shares


Amount invested


In whose name held?

























8.         Other Debts

Apart from the debts above and your business trade debtors does anyone owe you any money?





Apart from the above do you owe any money?






Have you ever made a Will before?




Name & address of person holding the Will: