Costs Agreement

Civic Legal prefer to remove the uncertainty as to costs by providing clients with a fixed fee wherever possible. Once our lawyers understand your needs, they will provide a fixed quotation, or if this is not possible an estimate of total fees.

Many businesses increase their fees to cover bad debts. We reduce bad debts by getting money up front to cover future fees. This allows us to charge lower fees.

Accounts are sent monthly. Each bill is final for the work covered by it.

There is a statutory cost scale for lawyers. We charge above those scale fees. By signing our Retainer, you allow us to charge costs higher than the costs allowed under the costs scale.

For lump sum bills you are entitled to request an itemised account. You make any request for an itemised account within 30 days of receiving the lump sum bill. We comply with your request within 21 days. We don’t charge for preparing itemised accounts.

For a full list of your legal cost rights, refer to the Legal Profession Regulations 2009 Forms: