Local Government

Civic Legal has undertaken a wide range of legal work for local government in Western Australia.

Whether it is a contractual matter, litigation, proceedings in the State Administrative Tribunal or provision of advice to ensure the Administration delivers services in accordance with the law, Civic Legal delivers clear and refreshing advice when it is most needed.

Our services are enriched by the experience of lawyers who not only deliver advice to local government but are also regularly engaged in providing advice and representation private clients and commercial enterprises.

See below for some examples of the kind of work that Civic Legal does for local government.

Examples of Work Civic Legal does for Local Government

  • Representing a shire in Supreme Court proceedings in relation to a ratepayer challenge to the validity of a development approval.
  • Representing shires in proceedings in the State Administrative Tribunal (“the SAT”) against assorted aggrieved parties.
  • Advising a shire in relation to the negotiations for and preparation of documentation to permit the construction of a significant road.
  • Advising and representing a shire in relation to its claim for damages against an architect for inadequate design of a shire building structure.
  • Acting for a shire on the transfer of land to a third party.
  • Advising a shire in relation to claims of defamation as well as associated amendments of council minutes.
  • Advising a shire on its responsibilities regarding the management of potential flood water damage claims.
  • Advising a shire in relation to allegations of corrupt conduct on the part of a shire employee.
  • Advising a shire on the cancellation of a request for tender process.
  • Preparing documentation of the leasing of shire property.
  • Representing a shire in a high-profile Supreme Court case challenging constitutional right of shire to collect rates.
  • Preparing contract documentation and advice for the transfer of Crown and local government land and associated surrenders of leases.
  • Advising a shire with respect to proposed changes to conditions for development approvals.
  • Advising a town in respect of councillor conflict-of-interest issues.
  • Advising and undertaking work in prosecution of offences under the Dog Act.
  • Damages claim against former employee who damaged shire property.
  • Conducting review of shire contracts and advising on issues associated with the amalgamation between two shires.
  • Advising a shire with respect to its negotiations with a property developer and a golf club.
  • Acting for a shire in relation to a racial discrimination claim.
  • Advising a shire in relation to the protection of shire intellectual property.
  • Advising a shire on the extent of powers of council over the work of its administration.
  • Advising shires on matters arising under WorkChoices Legislation.
  • Advising shires on conditions for grant of planning approval.
  • Advising shires on matters arising under the Aboriginal Heritage Act.
  • Advising shires on validity of claims by Aboriginal corporations for exemptions from paying rates.
  • Advising a shire on particular provisions of the Local Government Act 1995.
  • Defending shire from damages claim with reference to losses arising from controlled burn by fire brigade personnel.

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Civic Legal are proud to be principal sponsors of the Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA). Click here to view photographs from our photo booth display at the 2012 WA Local Government Convention.